Road Freight

Road Freight

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International land transportation of cargoes allows large companies and entrepreneurs to work successfully with partners from different countries. GLS Company organizes the transportation of goods across Europe, Russia and CIS countries under the most favorable terms.

The delivery of cargoes is carried out by vehicles of both our company and our partners.

The delivery of cargoes by land to neighboring and European countries has the following advantages:


There are ample advantages when it comes to road freight – one of the biggest being that no other means of transport has access to a comparable infrastructure as lorries and trucks, with no ports or airports to stagger the flow of traffic. Ways of managing road traffic has highly improved in the recent years, with technology now able to detect when traffic is busy and re-routing vehicles to avoid stopping, road freight is a great form of shipment transporting.

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Additionally, plenty of flexibility is available when it comes to road freight, especially national freight. Without having to switch between different transport types in order to reach a destination – road freight is excellent for delivering door-to-door cargo and packages. In comparison to sea or air freight, road freight also requires less paperwork, meaning it can speed up the process of freight and streamline deliveries.


Whilst driver and fuel costs may have increase in recent times, road freight still remains a very cost-efficient way of transporting cargo.

In addition, a truck or lorry is not as expensive to maintain and fix as ships or airplanes, passing these savings down and making road freight management more cost-effective than other modes of transport. Importing cars from Europe is the most profitable way of bringing products. The movement of vehicles does not practically depend on weather conditions. Therefore, long delays in transportation are rare.